Prosperity Angel Pattern

Prosperity Angel
about prosperity angels

From ancient times to the present, wheat has been a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

A sheaf of wheat consisting of three heads of wheat makes up the skirt of the Angel. And each of the angel’s wings is a single head of wheat. Traditionally Angels are dressed all in white and as you can see they work up beautifully using #10 white crochet cotton.

Gold is another symbol of abundance and prosperity that can be traced back to antiquity. When the Angel is worked in gold metallic crochet cotton, the symbolism of both the wheat and gold combine to make a gorgeous Angel that sparkles when touched by sunlight. Crochet this beautiful Prosperity Angel and then hang it in a prominent place in your home to remind you of the abundance and prosperity that the Universe holds for you.

Make one or several and give to friends.
The pattern includes a short explanation that you can print and enclose with your gift.

what’s included

Complete list of materials and pattern for Prosperity Angel

Two short explanations of the symbolism worked into the Angels; one for the Gold Angel and one for the White Angel that you can print and enclose when giving the Angel as a gift or to print on the tag when selling them.

Licensing notice for those who wish to sell Prosperity Angels on a small scale.

As well, included in the pattern is a pinning template to cut out and use as a guide under plastic wrap when blocking, pinning and starching the angel.

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